Rio Major


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All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Rio Major

Track 1 'One': Mastered by:
Track 3 'Fuck the Patriarchy': Bass by Boris Thorpe

Released by:

Album release date: 1 August 2018



Rio Major EP

The full release is here. First EP from Rio Major and its chock full of tasty beats.

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Feels So Real - Single

The second single from the Rio Major EP

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Total Satisfaction - Single

The first release and single off the upcoming Rio Major EP/Mixtape.

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Cosmojay and Toastman

A tribute to David Attenborough's 1979 'Life on Earth'. Created with samples from Episode 1 'The Infinite Variety' from the series.

Life on Earth 2979 takes places 1000 years in future from the original show. In a world where a mysterious cataclysmic event wiped out the majority of humanity. The survivors know nothing of the past. That is until the miraculously stumble upon some kind of tape with the title 'Life on Earth'. What they discover will change their understanding of the past, the present and the future.

The project is a collaboration between Jordan Dorjee and I. Jordan provides the scratch-tacular flair over solid beats

lord St collective: Live at Cosmo's

Free download!

Recorded: 10/09/15 Released: 13/11/15

Lord St Collective rocked the house with their live band and sweet MCees at Cosmo's on the 10/09/15.

Lord St Collective are a group of artists living in Sydney. Rappers, Singers, Producers, Painters and Musicians.

Check out Lord St Collective here:


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Eklund


•[Lord St Music]•
{Abbie Coco}
{Ol' Mate Mango}
{Intellectual Onanism}

The Double Shadows: Live at Cosmo's Rock Lounge


Recorded: 24/04/15 Released: 14/09/15
The Double Shadows came down to Cosmo's and got everyone grooving with their unique blend of Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and RnB

The Psychedelic, Soul Blues grooves of The Double Shadows will get your feet shuffling, your hips swaying, and your head rocking.

Forget the guitars; it’s all about horns billowing out everything from smooth grooves to head banging blasts, unconventional, dirty organ lines and washy Psychedelia, all led by the huge, growling voice box of Ness Cassey, who’s vocals are found somewhere between Tim Buckley, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse.

Think Dr. John, The Mars Volta, Alabama Shakes and you’ll have some idea of the flames that power this beastly six-piece


Nes Cassey - Vocals
Cash Williams - Drums
Benjamin Freeman - Keys
Miles Sharma-Constance - Bass
Dan Cohen - Saxophone
James Mudd - Flugel
Kim Griffin - Trumpet


Recorded live at Cosmo's Rock Lounge by Mindful Vibrations.

Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Eklund

Civil Serpents

Hatched in 2014, Civil Serpents played high energy blues rock to audiences around Sydney. In 2015, the band independently produced and released their first single; I Met My Baby In A Haze. The track is a rock number designed to be played loud. The B-side is a 12 bar blues in which Matt applies his fiery playing to the rock steady groove laid down by Boris and Jonathan. Civil Serpents continue to write new material for the stage in Sydney and beyond... 

This EP took roughly 280 days to complete. The recorded instrumentals and guitar solos at the Bank Bar in Newtown and overdubs & SFX at Cosmos Rock Lounge. 

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by

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Mindful Vibrations Studio Desk Setup


Recording Equipment

  • RME Fireface 802 Interface

  • Focusrite Octopre Mic Preamps

  • ART PRO VLA II Leveling Compressor

  • Event 20/20 BAS Studio Monitors

  • M-Audio Project Mix I/O Control Surface

  • Behringer Denoiser SNR 2000

  • Radial PRO-RMP Reamp Box

  • Phonic PPC9000E Power Conditioner

  • ART P16 Patchbay

  • Ableton Push 2


  • Ableton Live DAW


A collection of other weird and wonderful instruments and audio devices are available for use, such as Miniature guitars, mouth harps, fuzz box amps and bongos.

Musical Instruments

  • Fender Double-Fat Strat, Big Apple Edition

  • Maton M225 "Natural Series" Acoustic Guitar

  • Sonor Force 2000 Drum Kit

  • Hand-Made Nylon String Guitar by Nghê Nhân Thanh

  • Hand-Made Vietnamese Moon Lute by Nghê Nhân Thanh

  • Korg MicroKORG


  • Shure SM58 x 4

  • Shure SM57 x 2

  • Audio Technica AT2020 x 2

  • Røde NTA-1

  • AKG D112

Recording Session Drums for The Civil Serpents EP at the Bank Hotel - Newtown

Recording Session Drums for The Civil Serpents EP at the Bank Hotel - Newtown


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